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Is it “Just” Therapy?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

What does that even mean? Why is that this practice’s name? Why should I even go to therapy? I created this practice after working in the field for quite a while and committing to private practice in the past few years. I have learned that while boundaries and goals are so important in a therapeutic relationship, it is more important to have a therapist with whom you feel disarmed, connected, and centered. When you find that connection with the therapist and drive to invest in you, therapy can become “just therapy”.

By “just” therapy, I mean that there are so many misconceptions and stigmas, and it continues to be misunderstood. The more we talk about and approach therapy, the less scary it is. How many of us were attacked by a three-legged Dalmatian when they were a kid but continued to be around more and more dogs and now have a lap full of dogs at any given time? Just me? Probably not, but once I realized how wonderful dogs are and that they aren’t all scary I couldn’t imagine not having infinite couch snuggles with my dogs. That, in some weird analogy, is my hope for this practice. Therapy is not needed your whole life, but there are definitely times we need to talk to someone. Once you can get over the hurdle of connecting with a therapist and do the work the first time, the easier it is to know the value of it (just like my love for my fur babies… yes, I am a little basic sometimes).

In my mind, when we can destigmatize the idea of taking care of mental health and create a safe place to authentically become ourselves, society will shift forward as a whole. I know this whole idea isn’t groundbreaking. There is a lot of buzz in the media. So I believe that we are lucky enough that the world, especially through the pandemic, is shifting past views.

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted this practice to be named and what it will stand for, and I know not everyone will get it or maybe believe that it’s “just” therapy. But I do believe that the people it resonates with are exactly the client I can hope to connect with and help on their journey. Yes, experience and education are what can set someone apart as a therapist, but I truly believe therapy can be like a friend (who is only concerned with you) is lovingly holding a mirror up to you, pushing you to see clearly when necessary, and supporting your wants and desires wholeheartedly. My only goal is to help you accomplish your goals. The more people that believe it is “just” therapy, the more it will become a standardized practice.

Welcome to It’s Just Therapy!

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